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Marketing of Amador’s new Convention Center receives ‘order to proceed’

The management and promotion of the new Amador Convention Center is now the official responsibility of the U.S.-based company, SMG World –this is, through an ‘order to proceed’, which was recently signed by company executives and the Panamanian government, the latter of which was represented by Iván Eskildsen, Administrator of the Tourism Authority of Panama (ATP).

An incentive trip… What’s that?

A couple of years ago, a group of top executives from a U.S.-based telecommunications firm boarded a plane to an unknown destination, departing from a northern city amid a harsh winter’s day. A few hours later, being already night time, the members of the group expressed relief after sensing the warm, tropical climate of their destination, but remained quite confused with regard to the identity of the city to which they’d arrived, which featured a skyline –they believed— that did not resemble anything Latin American. It wasn´t until they boarded a ferry, minutes later, that their conundrum was solved: “Welcome to the Panama Canal!” –the guide announced. “I never imagined anything like this!”, said Steve, as the vessel transited Miraflores Locks northbound.