The Panamá Rainforest Discovery Center is located within the limits of Soberanía National Park, a 45-minute drive from Panama City. Its creation was driven by the passion of a group of Panamanian and U.S. bird enthusiasts who, in 2000, established Fundación Avifauna Eugene Eisenmann in memory of Panama’s first world-renowned ornithologist.

The Avifauna foundation was forged with a number of objectives, among them, the promotion of sustainable tourism; the mission to educate Panama’s population on its birds, on the threats thereof and on the actions 

taken to protect said species; the acquisition of land for the protection of endangered bird species, and the commitment to jointly work with the government, the private sector, and other organizations in Panama in the mission of bird protection.

In 2003, a 20-hectare concession was granted to the Avifauna foundation along the famous Pipeline Road for the construction of the Panama Rainforest Discovery Center, with the purposes of increasing the number of visitors the forests of the Panama Canal basin, educating tourists on the importance of tropical forests, and achieving the effective protection of said section of Soberanía National Park.

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