The country boasts an ample array of high-quality dining establishments of varied culinary trends and new fusion concepts. This is mainly due to the fact that Panama has always been a country of immigrants who have brought their traditional flavors with them, and who have combined their cuisine with that of Panama, creating totally unique flairs. Panama has yielded some outstanding chefs, such as Charlie Collins and many others, who represent the country abroad, divulging its flavors through international TV documentaries, print, and digital articles. Most top-rated restaurants are located in Panama City, although the interior provinces have their share of excellent venues as well. Said establishments definitely add value to the country’s MICE industry, being venues for meetings and elegant events in their own right (some of them are located either near or within historic monuments). Some restaurants offer Panamanian cuisine and folklore dance shows. In recent years, two top-rated restaurants have opened at the Panama Canal locks, allowing visitors to dine, host special events, and enjoy viewing the transiting vessels.

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